Are You Ready to Move Forward With Confidence?

Bringing together my many years of experience in consulting, mentoring, coaching and counselling I deliver game-changing work with individuals, teams, and charities.

I collaborate with clients to unlock their potential; guiding and challenging them through our work together, and giving them the tools they need to transform their lives and achieve their personal and professional goals.


About me...

An accredited Transformational Coach and Counsellor I have a wealth of experience in supporting individuals, executive teams, schools and charitable organisations.

I use therapeutic techniques to deliver person-centred coaching with a strong focus on what you, as the client, want to achieve.

  • Improve communication, relationships, self-awareness, self-esteem, and confidence.
  • Explore what behaviours are preventing you from moving forwards with your ambitions.
  • Gain new clarity and purpose, achieve your goals and aspirations.

Coaching has the potential to completely change your life.