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New Beginnings is Now

I coach individuals, executives, and charitable organisations, guiding people from all walks of life on their journey of exploration, personal fulfilment, progress and happiness.

Life Coaching

Meeting with Sarah was enormously valuable in helping me to recognise and set achievable goals at a time when I was struggling to prioritise my own needs.  I have a tendency to be pulled and tempted in many different directions and she helped me not only identify this, but also to establish a personal set of criteria for evaluating which avenues were worth going down!  Sarah is wise, thoughtful and empathetic – and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone in need of encouragement or guidance.

- Emma

I wanted to get back to work having had my children but I found that my confidence and priorities had shifted and I wasn't clear on which direction to move in, or how to go about it.  I was all over the place!  Drawing on her personal experience and a genuine desire to help, Sarah picked me up and coached me towards achieving my goal of finding a better work life balance and a new career path.

- Florence

Having the opportunity to sit down with Sarah and talk freely was very refreshing, she listened and only interacted when she felt necessary, which enabled me to be very open and honest whilst feeling completely at ease and not judged.  She helped me to see there were simple solutions to my problems and presented them to me throughout our sessions, giving me the tools to make positive changes in difficult areas of my life.

- Carolyn

Workplace Coaching

Sarah assisted us in coaching our management team and as a result this improved communication within the organisation and boosted morale and productivity.  She is a skilled coach, demonstrating impressive commercial awareness but balancing this with empathy, discretion and likeability.

 - Neil, Managing Director

We were going through a restructure and pulling a new team together. Sarah helped us to get our ducks in a row and to form a strategy as a team which really helped us to collaborate and communicate better, as well as setting new goals.

 - Rees, Operations Manager

Young People, Mentorship & Charity Coaching

We would very happily have Sarah involved again with our school and students. Sarah worked with us as a mentor and coached a number of our students, in addition to providing them with ongoing support through numerous elements of the Rising Futures programme. Sarah’s professionalism, evident from the start, combined with her ability to empathise with and guide these young people, contributed greatly to their development.

- Loredana, Director Global Learning and Communication

Through us, Sarah worked with young people to develop their life skills and career aspirations. She achieved this by coaching them to believe in themselves, and supporting them to understand and work on key skills such as resilience, self-awareness and communication skills. Sarah is a competent and insightful coach, who quickly builds rapport with individuals, gaining an understanding of their concerns and ambitions. She is able to offer sound advice and guidance to support her coachees in their future goal setting. I would highly recommend Sarah as a coach.

- Sarah, Founder and CEO

I wasn't sure what I wanted to do when I finished my exams or even how I was going to get through them. Sarah coached me at school and I'd never had an adult listen to me like that before or help me work out what I am good at, and what I want to do with my life.  After seeing Sarah I had more self confidence and felt like I had more options open to me.  I really enjoyed the sessions and wish I could have carried on with them after leaving school.

- Keishana, aged 14

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