About Me

I'm Sarah J Williamson MinsF, and I am a life coach.

With a degree in Sociology and a qualification in Coaching from the Animas Centre for Coaching, I believe that coaching is an incredibly effective way to support and develop people who are battling personal obstacles which they feel are preventing them from living their best lives.

It's good to meet you.

For 20 years, I worked primarily in the charitable sector in a corporate fundraising role. I loved my job, but as the years went by, it no longer gave me the same fulfilment or satisfaction. I realised that what I was seeking was a role where I could help, empower and support people directly. This led me to coaching, and while I still offer consultancy-style services for businesses and clients, I am now able to take a much more personal and hands-on approach to helping people bring about change in their lives.

My previous work history and life experiences, combined with an academic background in sociology, has given me a broad understanding of the challenges we face in society. Working with young people as a mentor, coach, and fundraiser has provided a unique insight into this generation, which in turn has informed my coaching style and approach.

When delivered well, coaching can be an incredibly effective form of support and guidance for many people. As I mature as a coach, I may decide to specialise in a specific coaching approach or move on to become a therapist, but right now, my aim is to help my clients move forward with confidence through coaching.

Compassion. Fearlessness. Acceptance.

What is a life coach?

The term life coach is over-used and often misunderstood.

In short, I am not a guru or qualified to tell others how to live their lives or what to do when faced with a specific problem. No one is! My role is to explore not explain.

I support others in living their best life by showing them respect, honesty, and kindness and by challenging them on whatever is holding them back.

I feel privileged to be an ordinary person who has found my true vocation, which is to coach others to help them achieve their goals, and to become more confident, happy, and fulfilled.

My philosophy

I believe everyone has the potential within themselves to make positive changes and move forward in their lives. We are all capable of self-love, fulfilment and personal prosperity in abundance if we take the time to reflect and commit to taking the necessary steps forward.

It is important to me that my personal priorities reflect my coaching values. Parenting has naturally informed my effectiveness as a coach; my life resolutions include giving my children the best possible future by teaching them to preserve and enjoy the planet and to be their best selves.

My own aspirations include personal fulfilment, happiness, and prosperity in knowledge and relationships.

Only you can change your life.

No one can do it for you.

Zen balancing pebbles next to a misty lake.