How My Coaching

Our sessions will be informal and conversational, putting you at ease, and allowing us to talk openly about the reasons why you have sought coaching.

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What you can expect.

When we first start working together, we'll discuss your hopes, aims, and motivations, and the type of coaching journey that you'd like to pursue. Through the course of our sessions, I will use a variety of skills and techniques to explore the reasons that led you to me, and help you to decide how you wish to manage these in the future.

Step 1: Discovery call

A Discovery Call is a consultation where I explain my approach, and we discuss your past experience of coaching and other therapies, and your expectations.

The call is an opportunity for us to assess how well we are likely to get on with each other, as well as explore the basics around coaching methodology and cost.

A Discovery Call usually takes between 30 minutes and an hour.

Step 2: Planning your journey

Following your Discovery Call, coaching sessions are typically held fortnightly or monthly, for around 45 - 75 minutes per session.

There are no rules about how many sessions you ‘need’. I usually suggest an initial six 60-minute sessions, as this is long enough to discern progress. From these 6 sessions, it is possible to arrange subsequent coaching sessions at your discretion, depending on personal development and results. Continued coaching is discussed at the penultimate session of the course.

Your first session will likely consist of identifying targets and goals upon which to reflect both during and after the first six meetings. Coaching is entirely led by you, meaning that every new session is generally an opportunity to start over (albeit sometimes on the same topic). As your coach, I will listen, challenge, and observe any patterns or points of interest, then feedback for discussion.

Step 3: Meeting me

Sessions can be held online or in person. I am available to meet with clients all over the UK as we can undertake our sessions online via video messaging platforms such as Skype and Zoom.

In-person appointments are limited to the Winchester/Southampton/Romsey area and can be held at my Winchester office or at a mutually convenient place.

Sessions are typically held during ‘normal’ working hours, but evenings and weekends are available by prior arrangement.

Step 4: Results

At the beginning of your sessions and during the course of your coaching, we will set targets and goals. If you commit fully to the process and to making positive changes in your life, you should see results.

Having said this, it is important not to put too much emphasis on results, but instead focus on your journey. Coaching truly adheres to the Law of Cause and Effect: you get out what you put in.

Only you can change your life.

Let's get started.

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

As a life coach, I am trained in various therapeutic techniques but am not clinically qualified. While there may be some overlap between coaching and therapy, coaching focuses on outer action with measurable results and is based on personal growth and development. Counselling or therapy focuses on the ‘inner’: the conscious and subconscious mind. The goal of coaching is to support clients in making specific changes and will usually be a short term measure, while therapy can last years.

If you need accountability, development and personal growth as part of your life journey, life coaching could be for you.

If you feel that you may be suffering from serious mental health or psychological ailments, have severe feelings of hopelessness or feel like you are a threat to your own safety, you should speak to your GP or call emergency services.

How will you keep my details confidential?

Client confidentiality is of paramount importance and taken very seriously. Our sessions are never discussed with others, unless I believe that you are at risk of harm. My duty of care as a coach means that I must report any incidents that give me cause for concern. Sessions are not always recorded but if and when they are, the files are encrypted, and any paper records stored securely at my in-home office.

How do you price our sessions?

Prcing varies and will be discussed on a one-to-one basis. Coaching is charged per session, and a discount is offered if you commit to a programme of six sessions. If sessions are held at a mutually convenient place such as a café, you will be expected to purchase your own beverages. Cancellation fees are applicable if you fail to attend a session or cancel at short notice.

What happens if we don't get along?

During every session there is an opportunity to pause, reflect, and check that we are still on the same page. There is a clause within our agreement for termination with no financial penalty. If you begin to express doubts about the effectiveness of your coaching journey, you can choose between two options:

If your motivation and positivity has taken a nosedive, you can still make progress. If you are fully committed to the programme, you should begin to notice changes - the onus is on you to be the change.

Both you and I are protected within the terms of our coaching agreement, and can terminate the agreement if it isn’t working for either party. However, the discovery call and the first session are a good way to ascertain rapport and to gauge how well it is likely to work.

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